Tuning forks are used on a person to be treated as a therapeutic vector for stress release, pain relief and deep relaxation. The sounds and vibrations they emit will activate the self-healing process.

Therapeutic tuning forks are used directly on the body. Activated by a light tap, they are immediately placed on the area to be treated or in strategic locations: acupuncture points, chakra zones or reflexology areas.

The therapeutic effect is activated by the sounds and vibrations emitted. Tuning forks act directly on bones, muscles and tendons to release tension and restore harmony in the physical, emotional and mental body.

A treatment protocol is based on a number of tuning forks with different frequencies, providing a field of action adapted to the context of the person being treated. The specific characteristics of each tuning fork make it possible to :

  • manage pain and muscle spasms,
  • tighten tissues (healing),
  • improve blood circulation,
  • stimulate the nervous system.

While some tuning forks are more specific and powerful (tissue penetration effect) and are intended for targeted interventions, others are powerful painkillers and promote relaxation. Finally, there are tuning forks that produce extreme low frequencies and are particularly effective on the nervous and lymphatic systems.

The spectrum of uses is therefore very broad, covering the majority of pathologies on which sound and vibration have a beneficial effect.