Training in Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and shamanic drums,
gongs, tuning forks & intuitive singing

Training in Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, shamanic drums and tuning forks,
intuitive singing & gongs

About sonotherapy

Sonotherapy or sonology is a wellness discipline based on the use of sound/vibration. Our bodies are highly sensitive to the vibrations emitted by the voice or instruments used in therapeutic sessions,
is then plunged into a state of deep relaxation.

Stimulation by sound vibrations is practiced in groups or individually, and helps reduce stress and anxiety through a modified state of consciousness, while promoting energy rebalancing.

“Everything is Energy and Vibration”.

Our school aims to democratize sonotherapy and its associated healing techniques.
We place the concept of activating self-healing capacities as a key element in the results of our training courses.

EIS brings together the best teachers to offer in-depth knowledge of each discipline taught at our school. We also attach great importance to the quality of the material you receive, which will form the basis of your daily practice and harmony.

EIS’s vision is to offer short training courses with materials that are both accessible and comprehensive. Through our various modules, you’ll also be able to access the complete Sonotherapist curriculum for the implementation of a global treatment protocol incorporating all the techniques taught.

We’re convinced that intuition is the key to successful sonotherapy, and we’d like to pass on to you the keys to activating your potential.


The teachers

They all came from different backgrounds, and it was at the International School of Sonotherapy that their paths crossed. Deep motivation and years of experience are at your service to unlock your full potential.

Christelle Daguin

Tibetan singing bowls
Shamanic drums

Florine Kuhn

Tibetan singing bowls

Mirko De Matteis

Gongs & crystal bowls

Magali Butty

Therapeutic singing


Shamanic drums

Géraldine Kuhn

Therapeutic tuning forks

Carine Vogtle

Tibetan singing bowls